July 28th, 2014 – #UnexpectedCanvas Public Art Initiative to Launch Monday

The diversity of Rome, Georgia’s natural beauty, citizenry, and historical narrative and architecture lends itself to extraordinary possibilities in art. We are pleased to announce that the seven hills, three rivers, and downtown area will be depicted in abstract form on the thirty foot plywood barrier in front of the former Lee’s Furniture building at 206 Broad Street, now being renovated to house Cevian Design Lab.

The installation is a joint effort between Cevian’s Mark Cochran, Tricia Steele of MakerVillage, and local artist Callie Clark and marks the first undertaking of MakerVillage’s #unexpectedcanvas public art initiative. Videographer Gregory Barron of Vinings will be documenting the creative process, editing and producing a conceptual project video.

Miss Clark begins priming Monday afternoon and painting on Tuesday, with the aim of having the work completed in time for Wednesday’s Crowdfunding 101 event hosted by 7HillsMakeSpace at 336 Broad Street Suite 300. The information session begins at 7:00pm. Local entrepreneurs, inventors, idea-holders, or investors are encouraged to attend.

The iconic Schroeder’s New Deli at 406 Broad will be serving as base of operations for the project.

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